Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lazarus in a Wetsuit

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I should be feeling warm inside about Valley of Lights. "Recent celebrations in the Calder Valley have stood in stark contrast to the scenes of devastation brought by severe flooding in the summer. Thousands of people have turned out for the Valley of Lights, an event to reinvigorate the worst-hit towns of Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. Night markets have been busy trading to a back drop of live music, fire dancers, parades, barges and street performers. Five months earlier, the scene was very different. In the space of two weeks in June and July, the equivalent of a month's rainfall brought destruction and the power to wipe out livelihoods......" B.B.C. {Read More} Whats Not To Like?
The Hippies save the day. again. Hurray.
After years of candlelit vigils in support of little wee brown peoples disasters.....We ourselves are disaster  victims.But the Artists come to the rescue of our brave little coffee entrepreneurs.Capitalism is saved! Hurray.
The rest of the country may be going to Hell in a Handcart but we're okay.


  1. You could make a living creating titles. Another one drew me in. Hope you are well, Tony....

  2. Hi Teresa .Fine Thanks .I've been AWOL slightly..'hope all's well with You.