Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Naked Rambler Arrested In Hebden Bridge Today

We don't know many details yet but we have just been contacted by the spokesman for Stephen Gough, George Cavanagh who has told the HebWeb that Stephen Gough has been arrested in Hebden Bridge, following complaints to the police. We understand that Stephen's routine is to continue from where he was last stopped when he is next free to do so. The Book Case tweeted that he was walking into Hebden Bridge from Keighley Road and "They can't arrest the naked rambler in Hebden Bridge!". Another tweet read, "There's a naked man walking around Hebden. Why does this not surprise me?"......... {Read More}


  1. But he has a backpack on, that must count for something. ~Mary

  2. More about Stephen Gough ,"The Naked Rambler" in wikipedia