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Fracking & Shale Gas in The Calder Valley.

A facebook group,Keep Your Fracking Hands Off Calderdale! has now been  formed.

If you like living or walking in The Calder Valley you better make the most of it while you can.This 2 page spread appeared in The Halifax Courier  a couple of weeks ago.

For some reason it was never put on the paper's website,so that's why I have had to scan & reproduce here.

I think its not really journalism ,more like propaganda.

Not 'balanced ' in any way.

it contains the usual stuff about bringing new jobs to the area.But nothing about worry over possible quakes etc.No mention either about profits being siphoned-off to the American Companies who will be running the show.

We are being softened up me thinks........(click to enlarge)


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

When i go Harrogate Turkish Baths I will also go & fill up an empty Pop Bottle full of Harrogate Sulphur water I use on it my skin (great for Athlete's Foot & suchlike !) also once when in Italian Mountains,Me & Chris both had Sulphur Baths
I now fid out that a Sulphur Spring exists only 3 miles from home.I must visit & fill-up.

Local children in their Sunday Best “taking the water” in 1911
In medieval times and earlier, winter was a very difficult time for local inhabitants. The long season of cold and darkness, with limited food, caused hardship and ill health. Consequently, people looked forward to the onset of spring with warmer weather and more food. It was the custom in early spring for people to gather at the spa to drink the water and cleanse themselves of their winter ailments, and to give them strength to face the coming year. Whether or not the water had a medicinal effect is debatable, but the waters were a way of celebrating the passage of winter and the beginning of spring – and there are anecdotes from a number of local octogenarians of the curative and restorative properties of the Spaw waters, attributing their long standing to regular draughts of Spa water!In the 19th century this event usually occurred on the first Sunday in May and was called “Spaw Sunday”. It was said that on this day the water at Cragg Spa took on “an especial different taste”. Local children in their Sunday Best “taking the water” in 1911 All you needed was a medicine bottle, filled with the spa water, liquorice was added (to make it more palatable for drinking) then the mixture was thoroughly shaken and – if you didn’t want to look like a cissy! – swigged down in one. The sulphurous water from the spa was deemed to be excellent for making tea, although some recommended a pinch of bicarbonate of soda to take the edge off the “bad eggs smell”. As time passed these gatherings became quite popular, and attracted tourists and early socialists as well as local people. At the beginning of the 20th century the Independent Labour Party saw an opportunity to play an important part in the “spaw” celebrations locally, and the early religious orators gave way to those of a political nature. In 1906, a report on a pilgrimage to the Cragg Spa and then onto Blackstone Edge, noted that numbers at the event were becoming fewer and only 500 people went onto the White House where the Hebden Bridge band was playing.The Second World War ended “Spaw Sunday “celebrations at Cragg Spa.........{source:}
 Below the old stone bridge almost forgotten Water gurgles quietly from subterranean fault
The surface air scented with sulphurous stink.
 Contrasting with earthy woodland and river mix The nose turns towards the Spa lending it’s name to nearby cottage row and farm.
 Celebrated in past times with ‘Spaw Sunday’ Religious and Political gatherings drew crowds in hundreds After the confinement of winter, a time of Cleansing Parents and children dressed for the occasion ‘Taking the Waters’ with a little Spanish to stop the Retch “Get it down, it’ll do you good”
 Black Crow and Gray Heron watch from a distance Speeding Dipper stitches the torn river with a bubbling silver thread Brown Trout pushes against the flow avoiding the throng {Graham Ramsden}

Blessing the spa with a rosemary bough.
Hold your nose. It's tradition................... "Welcome to the world's shortest pilgrimage" announced James, the vicar, as the procession prepared to set off from the church of St John the Baptist in the Wilderness. This gathering was part of the 'Spaw Sunday' celebrations, ('spaw' being the dialect word for 'spa'.) ...."{The Guardian:Calderdale Religion}

Singing at The Spa.

HEPTONSTALL SHADOWS: John Billingsley: Sunday 5th May 2013

*This is a continuation of Last Wednesday's post*

One of the nicest things about Heptonstall is that ,unlike Haworth & it's Bronte Sisters up the road,it has never become a tourist trap.Not a single "Yea Olde Sylvia Plathie Tearooms" in sight!
 If your around Calderdale this year..& you fancy a nosey & an excuse to stretch yer legs, this is Calderdale Heritage Walks;s schedule......

Click Here to see video&photos+More videos & audio will appear as if by magic soon.....
HEPTONSTALL SHADOWS:John Billingsley:Sunday 5th May 2013
My Thanks to John Billingsley for the day's splendid walk&talk.

A composition of abstract images and excerpts from the poem 'Daddy'by Sylvia Plath.
A celebration to life, love, reincarnation and evolvement. love conquers all. even death.
*This is a continuation of Last Wednesday's post*

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Should I Move My Family From Istanbul To Hebden Bridge?

You Can Offer You Own Advise HERE

Remove Bernard Ingham as a Hebden Bridge Times columnist

An extract from The Hillsborough Independent Panel Report shows that Hebden Bridge Times columnist Bernard Ingham knew within days of the tragedy that Hillsborough was not caused by football fans, but went to on join the conspiracy to blame... the victims anyway: "2.6.24 Comments made by Bernard Ingham, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary, in the aftermath of the disaster and some years later provide an indication of the discussion at the meeting.
His Westminster lobby briefing of 18 April 1989 records journalists being informed that '[w]hat had happened on Saturday was not the result of obvious hooliganism but was more a matter of safety at sports grounds'. 2.6.25 However, this contrasts markedly with his position several years later when he wrote that during the visit to Sheffield on 16 April he 'learned on the spot' that '[t]here would have been no Hillsborough if a mob, who were clearly tanked up, had not tried to force their way into the ground. To blame the police is a cop-out'."

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lazarus in a Wetsuit

See More Photos[here]

I should be feeling warm inside about Valley of Lights. "Recent celebrations in the Calder Valley have stood in stark contrast to the scenes of devastation brought by severe flooding in the summer. Thousands of people have turned out for the Valley of Lights, an event to reinvigorate the worst-hit towns of Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd. Night markets have been busy trading to a back drop of live music, fire dancers, parades, barges and street performers. Five months earlier, the scene was very different. In the space of two weeks in June and July, the equivalent of a month's rainfall brought destruction and the power to wipe out livelihoods......" B.B.C. {Read More} Whats Not To Like?
The Hippies save the day. again. Hurray.
After years of candlelit vigils in support of little wee brown peoples disasters.....We ourselves are disaster  victims.But the Artists come to the rescue of our brave little coffee entrepreneurs.Capitalism is saved! Hurray.
The rest of the country may be going to Hell in a Handcart but we're okay.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heidi Bang Tidy

MORE than a dozen brave souls stripped down to their bare essentials in Hebden Bridge this morning (Sunday). They wanted to show their support for the naked rambler who was arrested in the town last week. Apart from a few bemused market stall holders and early morning shoppers, today’s mass unrobing on the historic packho said. Paul Maddock, on a visit from Todmorden, said he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.rse bridge did little to raise eyebrows. But according to the organisers it was hugely successful in drawing attention to the plight of rambler Stephen Gough, 53, who appeared before Calderdale Magistrates last week for a public order offence. The former marine from Hampshire is understood to have walked 220 miles on his way from Scotland to Southampton. His trial has been put off until February 5 and many of those on the bridge today felt he had been treated unfairly. Heidi Bang Tidy, a burlesque dancer, who lives in Cragg Vale, said there was nothing wrong with people taking their clothes off. “We wanted to show that Hebden Bridge is an accepting community rather than a place where people are arrested for doing something which is perfectly natural,” she said. A part-time nudist, Augustus Jones, travelled all the way from Rugby to join the rally. “I take my clothes off in the house and around the garden. People should realise that nudity is just another way of dressing,” 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Naked Rambler Arrested In Hebden Bridge Today

We don't know many details yet but we have just been contacted by the spokesman for Stephen Gough, George Cavanagh who has told the HebWeb that Stephen Gough has been arrested in Hebden Bridge, following complaints to the police. We understand that Stephen's routine is to continue from where he was last stopped when he is next free to do so. The Book Case tweeted that he was walking into Hebden Bridge from Keighley Road and "They can't arrest the naked rambler in Hebden Bridge!". Another tweet read, "There's a naked man walking around Hebden. Why does this not surprise me?"......... {Read More}

Saturday, 22 September 2012

"Sad Clown From Afar"

No.I Haven't A Clue Either.A Random Photo On Twitter.He/She Gave The Photo This Intriguing Title .